Financial Services Scanning

Client Files
We have scanned client files for many IFA’s & Mortgage Advisors. This clearly saves a great deal of office space and helps protect you in the event of loosing a paper based file. Our scanning is extremely accurate, making sure we get every page scanned including the Key Features documents, Fact Finds and anything else you decide needs to be included.

Keep or Shred?
The British Standard for scanning- PD008 clearly states that original files can be shredded once they have been scanned and you can present your scanned copy in court – provided you have a documented destruction of the original. You may want to check your networks own requirements as well, but whether you decide to scan and shred or scan and re-pack into long term storage, Click2Scan will help ensure your scanning is compliant.

Searchable PDF
A very useful tool we offer is the ability to convert the scanned files we create into searchable PDF’. This means if you want to find a FactFind you could type “Fact Find” into the search bar in Acrobat and you can then jump to any pages that have those words.

Bookmarking PDFs
Another useful option when scanning client files to PDF is to create book-marks for the sections you may have in your files like compliance or fact find. This means when you open the PDF file you can jump straight to the information you want to find.