General Office Scanning

HR & Personnel
If you work in or run an HR department, why not convert and scan your employee records? We are able to collect your files and scan quickly, converting to PDF or a file format of your choice. Employee files can either be returned to you or hosted on secure our online system.

There is a mass of paper documents in the typical accounts department that can be converted saving you lots of storage space and enabling you to handle queries faster. Invoices, purchase orders, bank statements, VAT, Payroll. All of these documents can be quickly captured. We can work with you on the back log and design a solution for you going forward.

If you run an engineering team or run projects, paperwork can be easily converted and filing cabinets removed saving you valuable office space. Job files can be easy to scan and we are able to offer a turn key solution of collection and scanning.

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  • Case files
  • Client files
  • Contracts
  • Journals
  • VAT & Bank
  • Supplier Invoices